Environmental Awareness

enviro-solutionsDulux recognises that sustainability is a major challenge facing the world today. While it is not possible to say exactly what a sustainable society will look like, there is a general understanding that many global environmental and social trends are unsustainable and that the magnitude of change required to address this situation is significant.

We have always taken pride at being at the forefront of technology to improve the environmental performance of our products (for example introducing the first zero VOC water-based Decorative paint to the Australian Market in 1992) and are now looking at ways to better define the 'sustainability challenge'.

Announcing a new paint system formulated with the environment in mind.

Dulux® is proud to introduce EnvirO2™, a new generation premium interior paint that is low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), washable and comes in a huge range of colours. By choosing Dulux EnvirO2, you can achieve the perfect environmental balance, because it delivers outstanding performanceand is 100% greenhouse neutral. Greenhouse Friendly™ is an initiative of the Australian Government, through the Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO), which aims to minimise the impact that products and services have on climate change. When using Greenhouse Friendly certified EnvirO2 or Aquanamel products, you can be confident you are not adding to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. ‘Greenhouse-neutral’ means that greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production, use and disposal of the product have been balanced out by reducing emissions in other areas. A practice known as ‘greenhouse gas abatement’ Imagine removing 400 cars from the road. The Dulux abatement program contribution to reduced greenhouse gases, is equivalent to removing 400 cars from the road, each travelling 20,000 km per year.* * Each car, a standard 6-cylinder sedan travelling 70% city and 30% highway driving. Based on the 2006 GHF certified Dulux abatement program.

To find out more, visit  www.greenhouse.gov.au/greenhousefriendly

It's about creating a better environment

Greenhouse-friendlyEnvirO2 Benefits at a glance:

* Meets maximum VOC content compliance criteria in IEQ-11 of the Green Building council.

* A complete solution (preparation and topcoat products)

* Lower fumes and paint odours

* 100% greenhouse neutral, certified "Greenhouse Friendly"

What are VOC's?

Conventional paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which are petroleum-based solvents that evaporate from paint films while the paint is drying. These compounds are the unpleasant solvent fumes that may trigger respiratory reactions including asthma and breathing discomfort, when using conventional paints. They also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Traditional oil based paints (also known as alkyd enamels) have a solvent level of approximately 50% or more. This means that for every four-litre can of enamel, two litres go straight into the atmosphere, compounding the “Greenhouse Effect”. Conventional water-borne paints have a solvent level of around 7%, so obviously using water-borne paints is a far more environmentally responsible option. Additives classified as VOCs are included to achieve some of the positive attributes of paint, such as good coverage, easy application and washability. The challenge for manufacturers, is delivering the quality of paint finish customers have come to expect, whilst reducing the overall environmental impact of each tin.

VOC Levels in Popular Dulux Products

The Australian Paint Association (APAS) set guidelines for product quality and VOC levels, which all Dulux products meet. Not all 'low VOC' products on the market have this approval. Please note that the figures below are a guide only, as the actual VOC rating will depend on gloss level selected. All figures exclude tinting. For further information, refer to the ‘Minimalising Environmental Impact Specification Guide’ on this site. -Note that the exact VOC rating will vary depending on the sheen level, so the range is given to cover all. -All measurements are in grams per litre for untinted product

Current as at 3/03/06

Product Type


Range gms/litre

Water based Primers, sealers, undercoats


Dulux envirO2



Doors, windows, trim

Dulux Enamel

Dulux Aquanamel



Interior water based

Dulux Wash and Wear
101 Advanced range

Dulux Professional range

Dulux envirO2




Exterior water based

Dulux Weathershield

Dulux Professional







enviro-washWaste Management

Correct waste disposal is an essential and important part of safe working practice. Every endeavour is made to minimise the quality of waste generation and hence reduce the associated problem of waste disposal.
The Dulux EnviroWash System
The new Dulux EnviroWash System is an innovative, water-based treatment system that turns paint wash-out into clean water and inert solid waste, allowing for easier and safer disposal. The first of its kind in the Australian market, the patented Dulux EnviroWash System provides an environmentally friendly way of washing out painting tools, such as brushes and rollers, and minimises the negative impact of traditional paint waste disposal methods. The EnviroWash System is efficient and fast - separating paint solids from120 litres of water in only 1 hour. The largest system can handle up to 800 litres of paint washings and the EnviroWash System can process every type of acrylic paint in Australia.The Dulux EnviroWash System helps industry adhere to EPA guidelines as well as avoid stormwater pollution issues. Increased community expectations of environmentally responsible clean up processes make the system a must-have for the professional painter.


For more information please download the Dulux EnviroSolutions brochure (click here)