Dulux Paints

Low VOC Paints

Dulux has been at the forefront in introducing low VOC paints. Low VOC paints are lower in Volatile Organic Compounds thereby creating less emissions and less odour.
Dulux has introduced low VOC paints in Trade e.g Dulux Professional Enviro2, DIY e.g Wash & Wear 101 Advanced and tinters. The company is committed to further develop its low VOC ranges.


The Dulux Eco Choice Range

High performance Dulux paints are now more environmentally responsible. When you see the Eco Choice symbol you can be confident you are selecting quality Dulux paint that is kinder to our environment. When selecting premium quality paints with superior washability, easy application, lower VOC's and lower paint odours - the choice is easy. Dulux Prepcoat ASU, Wash and Wear and Ceiling White provide a complete interior painting solution.

Carbon Neutral Paints

Certified by the Greenhouse Friendly program Dulux Professional EnvirO2 and Dulux Aquanamel are the first carbon neutral paints certified by the Greenhouse Friendly program. Greenhouse Friendly is an initiative of the Australian Government through the Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO).